Research rationale example

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A rationale statement describes briefly about your research, i.e., what it entails, the reason for choosing the topic and the problem you will be solving. It is also important to have a significance of the study; how will your research be of help?

Rationale Statement. Artifact: Video Project If the resources are available, I would like to also use this project as an example so that the students could have an opportunity to make a film teaching a lesson.

This would give them the research experience as well as experience with technology. (10 marks) b) Explain why referencing is important in any research; provide an example of a reference and differentiate the term ‘Citation’ from ‘Referencing’.

(15 marks) Total: 25 marks Question 3 a) Discuss in detail about the subject’s rights using an example. RATIONALE AND HYPOTHESIS: RATIONALE: 1. This study will help to find the correlation between the foot length and birth weight of newborn babies at TUTH, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Definition of rationale: Explanation of the logical reasons or principles employed in consciously arriving at a decision or estimate. Rationales usually document (1). Sample Discussion Board Questions That Work Using an online discussion board in a face-to-face or distance education course is a highly effective way of engaging students in class discussion and.

Research rationale example
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