Introduction to chromatography

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Our GC autosamplers provide the ability to perform automated sample preparation procedures that range from simple dilutions to complicated derivatizations.

Chromatography is a crucial technique in steroid chemistry. The behaviour of a steroid in selected chromatographic systems often identifies it with a high degree of probability. The identification may be made virtually certain by the conversion of the material to derivatives that in turn are.

So in this example, if only the top spot is required then elutant 3 or 4 would do the job; if only the following spot is needed then elutant 5 or 6 would do. We were going to call this tutorial "Reverse Phase HPLC for Proteomics" but we decided to exercise some restraint. We decided to write this tutorial because reverse phase chromatography is the most common form of chromatography used in LC/MS applications.

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Cecil Instruments’ Adept, Q-Adept and Merit ranges of modular HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography systems may be configured to suit individual laboratory requirements, in isocratic, binary, ternary or quaternary gradient modes.

Introduction to chromatography
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