An introduction to electronic commerce and internet privacy

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One of the most important advances in the rapidly developing world of electronic commerce is the ability of companies to develop personalized relationships with their customers.

Gao, Jerry

Personalization empowers companies to better understand their customers' wants and desires and improve customer s. An Introduction To Electronic Commerce Yaser Ahangari Nanehkaran Abstract: Recent developments in the fields of Internet and Information Technology have led to renewed interest extraordinary in electronic commerce.

Blake T. Bilstad, Esq. Corporate Counsel, Secretary, Inc. Keith P. Enright, Esq. Principal, TECHNE Consulting. Jerry Zeyu Gao is a professor at the Department of Computer Engineering at San Jose State University. He had over 15 years of academic research and teaching experience and over10 years of industry working and management experience on software engineering and IT development applications.

Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective. Introduction Electronic commerce is a revolution in business practices. If organizations are going to take advantage of new extent of a firm's Internet usage, explaining how electronic commerce can address the three strategic challenges.

An introduction to electronic commerce and internet privacy
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Electronic Commerce (ecommerce)